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Phoenix Commercial Real Estate

Phoenix Commercial Real Estate

If your curious about Phoenix commercial real estate, you're in good hands with the Leveraged CRE Investment Team. Our team works with commercial investors, property owners, companies, banks, and commercial loan servicers in Arizona. For the ideal market, Arizona is the place to be; the commercial real estate market is booming, taxes are low, and the area had become attractive for large national companies. For those who are outside of the area or are looking to branch out elsewhere  the Leveraged CRE Investment Team is affiliated with CORFAC International with access to several commercial real estate investments around the world. Our team is diligent and persistent on getting the best industry leading market research, advisory and transaction services to our clients. Our services include:


The net lease structure favors the landlord and makes the investment ideal for investors who are not local or who do not want to be involved with property management. The Leveraged CRE Investment Team uses proven public marketing and external co-broker cooperation to keep ahead of the game. 


Our teams uses years of accumulated market knowledge, qualified investors and buyers to give you the most up to date market information, simplified transactions and maximum returns.


This system allows investors to sell property and reinvest the proceeds into properties a similar. A taxpayer may defer recognition of capital gains and related federal income tax liability on the exchange of certain types of property. The Leveraged CRE Investment Team asks qualifying questions and provide sample investment analyses to help provide understanding of where you stand for the next plan of action.


Particularly for below-investment grade companies, it is an attractive alternative financing option as it allow sellers to monetize their real estate assets and redeploy capital back into their core business.

For the seller, it's good for transferring downstream valuation risk while also securing maximum value and occupancy rights from a long-term lease. The execution is where most find the headaches, By working with the Leveraged CRE Investment Team, clients can lower the occupancy costs and/or build a strong exit strategy for specific retail assets in the simplest terms.

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